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Many perceive the research enterprise as something incomprehensible and boring. When you learn about it, you find that there are a lot of surprising and interesting stories, and the battle against disease is a dynamic battleground. The adversary we would like to tell you about in this story is Atopic Dermatitis (AD). 

According to the National Eczema Association (NEA) skin disease known as Atopic Dermatitis (or eczema) affects nearly 30 million Americans. There is no known cure. You may not die from this, but may be sentenced to life living with it. It is especially common in children under age three, and can be very severe. 

From the outside, people are tempted to dismiss this disease as a mild annoyance. Many think it is a slight red rash and some itching. That is just what we can see. Inside the body, AD is quite complex, from both a scientific viewpoint, and for those for whom the disease inhabits their body. 

Learn more about Atopic Dermatitis in the fall 2014 issue of
It Takes a Village. 

The skin research community is an excellent model of collaboration. Not only do Dermatologists at the same institution work together, but there is a consortium formed through the National Institutes of Health, the ‘Atopic Dermatitis Research Network’ that includes PhD scientists, Dermatologists, Immunologists, Microbiologists, and Allergists from several institutions. It brings together people who are approaching eczema from a lot of different angles in the hope that they will be able to find new ways to improve treatments for the many patients who currently suffer with its effects. Read more...

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